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fluted or stainless

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good day gents

new to this side, more active onhandgun forum.

If you had to choose between a blued fluted barrel or standard stainless, which would you choose?
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What it will do most is be practicing at the range at as far distances as I and it can manage. Going to opt for either 270win or 300win mag but the 270 is recommended to me the most. It will do the occational hunt but its more the prior. I also love the look of both. If it was available in stainless fluted I guess that would be first prize. If I would weigh the initial pros and cons the blue fluted pros are being lighter, price is less and the looks. What would the stainless pros be. Is it more durable, would it stay more true at higher tempreratures? Some say fluting is to make it stronger but I always thought its to increase the cooling surface area.
thanks so much gents. read a bit yesterday and an engineer actually proved that the surface area is not increased much but the additional cooling element is due to the surface of the flutes being nearer the source of heat energy. Much of the contraversy online and forums seems to be if one should have your barrel fluted which i wouldnt consider but when buying a new rifle, or barrel for that matter, the fluted barrels generally have a larger outer diameter and therefor the rigidity of it would be more than a standard barrel of same material. It was also reitterated that it depends on whether one is going to fire the barrel hot and keep firing. my rifle will primarily be a range rifle, BUT, there is much imbalance in our country currently which could quickly turn into civil unrest (trying to word it modestly here) and my rifle, and my handgun, may be...how do i say it...vital.

Thank you for the insiteful posts and opinions. I then thing it will be 300win mag - fluted! love the look!
1 - 3 of 9 Posts
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