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Fitted My TruGlo Front Sight On The G2

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It's no secret that I am cheap...well...frugal. I had one of these on my G2 in black and it went with that one when I sold it off and decided that I missed the increased visibility. Bought this one off EBay for 14.00 net delivered, with the red optic. Part of my reasoning is that I have spare fiber material in the event that I needed it, and I did. The screws that come with the sight are useless and the OEM screw is needed, but it is too long and if not trimmed by about half it will break the rod. I did trim it, not enough, and it did break it. Had to disassemble again, get the Dremel out and trim some more...then had to Loctite it and replace the rod.

Bottom line is I could have bought the sight from Lakeline for nine dollars more, had the right screw and three different color rods to choose from. If you want turnkey, buy the Lakeline...if saving 9 bucks is important you can go the way I did.

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I did the same thing...except I didn't break anything. :p
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Yeah...practice makes perfect...I'll probably get it right...the third time. :rolleyes:
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