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Fit and Finish checks?

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This is a newbies first question for your expertise.

I'm picking up my new S.S.-4"-.357 Tracker tomorrow morning and they all look good in the box but what are the most important checks, "tests" or techniques you can recommend to check everything out before it leaves the shop and hits the range?
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Read through the first post in the link a few times and don't be hesitant to do this while in the store. Chances are you'll get a good one, however, finding issues before you take the gun home will help in either getting another or help from the dealer.

Taurus does have slightly lower tolerances than others on the cylinder to barrel gap, but as stated in the post, as long as you can't slide a credit card through, you're probably good.

It wouldn't hurt to pick up some snap caps and give the parts a little break in before hitting the range. Also, every Taurus I've owned so far has shipped with a cosmoline like substance (grease/wax). Good for shipping and storage, not so good for a clean crisp trigger. If you're comfortable with removing the sideplate, you could, without removing any parts give it a good blast with some CLP or other aerosol based lube (not WD-40). This will clean and lube it and should improve the trigger a bit before you hit the range.
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Justice4all. Thanks, perfect. Exactly what I was looking for.
Rob, you can check the timing, lockup,trigger pull, cylinder endshake,(movement from fromt to rear) & how easily it unlocks & locks, all in the shop. Also let the hammer down easily & hold the trigger to the rear & look between the rear of the cylinder & the frame to see that the firing pin comes through the frame enough to strike the primer. good luck & enjoy your new gun! Frank
Congrats on the new gun. Hope you like it.
Thanks everyone. I posted today with my satisfaction level with it.
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