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Fist, inc. Holster for 24/7 Pro 9mm

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Well i decided on a holster, from Fist, inc. it is a #12 Basic - I added a skin guard, and an alternative tension screw. In light brown. Should take about 3 to 4 weeks ;D . I saw their holsters on their website, and they look really nice. Also, they are located very close to where I am working right now (Brooklyn , NY). So I called them today, and dropped in after work - met the owner(very nice) and placed my order. Can't wait!
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I'm very happy with mine. I'm sure you'll be as well. I have a cropped shortcut for my Pt111 with the skin guard, well worth the extra $ by the way.
I just ordered a Fobus paddle for my Milpro just to have something to throw on quickly when I run out to the store etc. I'll give you an update after I get it.
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