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MJaeger said:
The checkering is sharp as hell though, my hand got sore. I finally covered it with tape which made the pistol much more comfortable. I think I will invest in a hogue slip on. I like it on my 9mm, so I assume it will complement this pistol well too!

Only complaint is the sights, I DO NOT LIKE the hienie sights, they suck ass. I guess that is why they are named what they are! Any recommendations on better sights? Plus they were not adjusted well from the factory!
Let me offer a suggestion. Go to Wal-Mart and buy a pair of weight lifting gloves with the extra leather padding in the paim. When you go to the range use the glove to protect your hand, but when carrying concealed, you will want all of the leverage of those will star points. Besides, wrapping with almost any tape tremendous slickness to the grip or makes is harder to carry concealed.

About thos hiene sights... give this a thought http://www.taurusarmed.net/forums/index.php?topic=502.0

It is only a front sight fix, but for combat shooting it is a heck of a good sight picture even with the hienie
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