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I went to Bluegrass Indoor Range in Louisville yesterday.
Shot about 200 rounds, pic below of my best 7 yrd group, 24 rounds on 4rth target sheet. There's about 1.25" between the black and the first ring outside it.
I definitely made improvement with each set/sheet, starting to get used to the gun a little. I still can't imagine getting too much better with the heins sights on it.
What do you guys think?
This shoot makes 400rds from my pt-111 pro with no problems what so ever.

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For starters that is pretty good. If you like the sights, keep them. They seem to work for you. Your groupings look good and more experience with them might tighten them up some. Different impact points for each set of shots can have many reasons or ways to tighten the groups up or change the Point of impact.For those who do not like Heinie sights and do not want to pay a lot to replace them, paint the roundels over with sight black or spray paint. Have to be careful and tape the gun so spray or paint is kept off the gun.
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