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First Timer Ammo Loads

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We've made the choice of a Taurus 627 as a house gun, primarily for my wife's use. This comes from my SO's interest in a revolver larger than a .22lr (a "snake gun" that she's proficient with) following experience with a .38 at handgun classes. She won't touch my autoloaders and likes the feel, weight and grip size of the Taurus.

She's an experienced long gunner (410 & 20 ga. shotguns), so knows gun action and recoil. But, she is a slight lady (under 100 lb) and I don't want her overwhelmed with .357mag or even stronger .38 loads before she has a chance to become familiar and comfortable with the 627.

What loads would you recommend to start out with and what progression to a reliable self-defense load would you suggest? She eventually would like to be able to reliably shoot .357mag HP, but wants to be proficient and comfortable in each load stepping up to that.

Thanks in advance.
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Yes, that is high. In Georgia the WWB is going for $39 for a box of 250, but it is some dirty ammo. I prefer to stick with the Blazer Brass.
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