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Went up in mountains today for a little panning, and hopes of bagging a coyote. First I panned about $2 buck worth of gold out of small stream, then found I had a problem with the shotgun, won't indent primer enough to go bang, (Mossberg 500).

During all this I fired 10 rds of .357, and 25 rds of .38 out of my new 971. What a great gun. I'm real happy with the way it handles with .357's.

Lastly, had my M&P 9 on my strong side, and the 971 on the left. The holster for the 971 was my panning partners, not a great fit for the 971, he usually has his GP100 in it. So here I am panning, and splash, 971 in the stream. Retrieved, and luckily not a scratch from landing on the rocks below.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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