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First Range Trip - First Picture

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Took my 24/7 45ACP for its first range trip Thursday. Shot 50 Blazer Brass 230gr. The gun felt good in my hand, it went BANG every time, and it had a lot less recoil than I was expecting. (It did thump me a couple of times when I got sloppy holding it!)

Target below is rounds 31 thru 40 at 25 feet. (2 thru the red 6 o'clock) Not one jagged hole, but hey, I'll get better.

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It seems like most people expect more recoil than there is. Looks like you were doing pretty good.

Great shooting.

I too thought that the .45 would have more recoil than it does.
Nice thing about the .45ACP. The muzzle blast doesn't knock down trees. The bullet isn't going so fast that if it missed a groundhog the high velocity of the bullet passing over it's hole would suck the hog back up and out the tunnel. And if you fire it blood isn't running out your ears and nose from concussion. :) Me exaggerate? ::) :eek: :)

Mild...yet potent is the way to describe it. +P may be another story. ;D
Nice shooting.
Congratulations on your new .45 24/7! Long may it serve you well!

Does your new .45 24/7 have a conventional non-captive Single Recoil Spring/Guide Rod Guide Rod System or a Captive Tandem 2 Spring Recoil System on it?
Thanks everyone for the kind comments on my shooting. ;D

JWC007: The recoil spring is captive but there is just one spring. Plastic guide rod and a flat coil spring.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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