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So, between the end of work and sunset was able to get out to the range with my new Public Defender. Weird though, only shot five .410 rounds due to the ammo shortage. Haven't been able to find much .410 2 1/2" yet.

Very pleased with the outcome. Started at 5 yards and got about a 15" diameter circle of tiny pellet holes. They did go through both sides of the target cardboard box. Remington game loads with 1/2 ounce shot. Would have easily taken out a snake. Also shot a round at 5' and that left a large one inch hole...ouch! Was pleased with the patterns on the other rounds at 4 yards and 3 yards.

Easy..don't kill the messenger. Just shooting these for target because they are what the LGS had available to buy.

Saved the home defense loads for home defense.

A solid recoil for sure. I'd compare it to my S&W 642s with .38 special. Can really notice how the Ribber grips work.

Pleased with how it holds on target, even though I was shooting single action...big stuff to me when the gun settles in on target.

Now off to find a holster...good luck!
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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