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Fired my Rossi 841 today:)

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Put 12 rounds of 158 gr. LRN through the Rossi 841 today, 6 in SA at 15 yards and 6 in DA at about 5 yards. The bottom group in the pic is the SA and the top is DA. It hit low in SA and 5 inches right in DA but that was probably just me. The action is surprisingly slick and the gun is pretty accurate. The endshake is somewhat loose but it doesn't affect function. I don't plan to address the endshake issue since I won't be putting a lot of rounds through it. It's no S&W but it does what it's supposed to do and for less than $200 I get to add something different to my fixed sight service revolver collection. I don't know how the Rossi would stand up to lots of shooting and I wouldn't put any +P through it but it will be a fun occasional backyard shooter.

For anyone who doesn't own a Rossi they have hammer mounted firing pins and are closer in size to a colt D frame than a S&W k frame. It's s good handling gun and I would recommend checking one out if you can stay below $150 plus costs.

Now I need to break it down and clean it thoroughly:) lots of grime and surface rust.


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Hello Stantheman!

Sixguns, like your Model 841, have always been interesting and very worthy of collecting. I love PD Trade-ins with character-wear aplenty from hard cop use. As soon as one becomes avaliable, I too, will add an 841 to my collection. Some people are turned off by a rough outside, but for me, as long as the gun cycles/functions correctly the outside wear only adds to the appeal! Thanks for showing sir!

If the dealer still has these in stock in a month or so I may pick up another one:). Holster worn Rossi .38's have pretty much 0 collector value so these will be around for a while but are less common than the Taurus 82's. mine is far from perfect mechanically but it works, sometimes when you close the cylinder the hand blocks the ratchet from closing and you have to turn the cylinder to close it. It's been fired but the bore looks new, it probably hasn't seen a lot of shooting. It's worth the dice roll, even if a gunsmith has to tighten it up you'll still have a decent gun for less than $200-250. I wish I could find cylinder bearings that fit this Rossi possibly Lance Shively could make some. It would be a cheap fix for the endshake issue.
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