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Finished my AR, whatcha think?

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Started this project back In March of last year. Bought the lower and spent 2 mths figuring out what I was going to do. First thought, I was going the simple cookie cutter AR15. Then I decided I wanted to tweak it. So after I finalized the plan, then began parts search and purchase. I would wait to see parts on sale and get them. So after I got all the parts (luckily most before December) I set out to get the tools to put it together. I personally put every piece together. Now how much did I save? Here is a almost identical AR build https://delta3tactical.com/store/products/Todd-Jarrett-Competition-Series-Carbine-.html . All parts with shipping and also the tools only cost me $1031


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I like it.
Very very nice. Gives you a great sense of satisfaction, doesn't it? Built my 300 AAC Blackout the same way.

It's black and evil. I like it! :thumb:
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Nice! :D I really like the grip
Congrats on a job well done!
Very nice :D
Thanks everyone. I really enjoyed doing it. I have another lower for a AR that I will be building for the wife. Just have to wait till the panic dies down enough for the parts to start showing up again. It will be a cake walk with hers now that I have done this one.
I like it. I really like the flattop all the way across the top....mine isn't like that. Just looks cooler to me for some reason.
Looks good. You do get a certain satisfaction from building one yourself. I have one that I'm finishing now and another waiting for my anodizer to finish for me
Sweet! :)
Look good should do the job.
That is one sweet looking black carbine!!!! Doggone good pricing too!
Good job; everything you need, and nothing you don't. :icon_ lala:
Now that's a fantastic build! Congrats...

I think you need to take it on a boat trip soon! :)
Took it to range to zero it in. My eyes are not so good but was able to get it in 3" group at 50 yards. Very pleased.
I like it!!

Just completed my first AR build (for a friend) a couple months ago and it got me ready in the mood to tackle a few project on my own ARs. Love the continuous flat top combined with the smooth round handguard, I assume it is a Yankee Hill?

You did good but must admit I don't think I have ever seen a Magpul flip up sight mounted in that direction!
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