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Finish on older PT 92/99 guns

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I just traded into a PT99 last night. I robbed the photo below from another thread here, but my gun has the same exact finish patters as this gun pictured. I have a question about the finish on these guns. Just like the one in this picture, the top of the slide, barrel, and the side of the slide on the front is a very matte color, like the finish has been worn off. Also like this one, the frontstrap, backstrap, and bottom of the dust cover are shiny smooth black. The side of my frame is also polished like this one. So is this the way they came from the factory, or do the years just wear away the once shiny slide to the matte, dull finish we see today?

When I got it, I was sure it had been rode hard and put away wet because all of the finish was gone in those areas, but now looking at other pictures, maybe this is how they were from the factory back then?

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The newer guns or at least mine does not have the polished slide. It is all the same matte type finish. The finish on my gun already needs to be redone and it is not that old. I quit holstering my gun becauase the Fobus was taking the finish off the slide and I have the holster set up fairly loose. I only wore it at the gun range. After I get my new 1911 I plan to send it off for a new dress.

I am thinking of cerakote in Remington black or graphite black.
Thank you for the information on your newer gun. What I am really wondering is if the matte finish in areas ciricle below is how they came from the factory, or a result of their age. It seems like all of the PT92/99s from this era look like this.

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I got a 1987 model 99 and i don't recall it having a shiny slide??
a it has been Z-coated since the month after I bought it so to long to remember.
the difference in the slide finish and the frame finish may be because of the different metals that they are made from?
Honestly Taurus is not a show gun, its a fairly utilitarian work horse , the finish on all blued weapons leaves a bit to be desired if you are looking for something to take to the senior prom!
To my eyes, the older ones were blued, the newer ones are black.

Wear = use = a good thing.
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