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find the rossi owners

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OMG what r there, a whole 7 rossi owners on this forum. It would really suck if we owned 7 different models, wouldn't it. We gotta find more shleps than us if we're gonna do some comparisons! Let's advertise!
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There's a bunch of them out there. They are pretty good guns for the money. :thumb:
Mine went bang pretty straight for about 150 rounds till the pin broke :eek:. It's fixed now and I'll b headin out to range soon to check it out. I like the feel of it and the way it shoots. I just hope it stayz that way :-\. I'll leave the +p's for just self defense from now on and use just wadcutters at range. I think it was just too many +P's. So what kind ya got SmoothOne? Got a pic? I have one in General Gallery (it went to wrong gallery 4 some reason)
I've got 3 of them a 461, 971 and a 588 (I think that's the # 1 22 lr) The last 2 are Interarms guns. I've gotten good service out of all of them. I'm going to post some pics in the next few days. I've got a custom holster comming it should arrive Wed or Thu next week for the 461. I'll take some photos when it arrives. :thumb: I just really like the feel of the 461. I think once you get that thing fixed you'll like it real well too.

I just checked the number on the .22LR. It's a 518. Sometimes I'm not too good with model numbers. It came with 2 sets of grips. Ive got the wood ones on it now. It's also got a set of black rubber grips.

I like the Compacs from Pachmayr, what I have on my M511 Sportsman. Boy, that little thing is accurate and has a fantastic SA trigger. The DA trigger is about the worst I've ever felt, LOL, but I use it DA for practice figuring if I can hit with it, my Taurus defense revolvers will be a piece of cake. A kit gun is fired 99 percent single action, though, and this is NOT a defensive caliber, after all, so the rough DA doesn't really bother me.

Hey, this is a fairly new board and I'm sure the word hasn't gotten out to Rossi owners. I get tired of Rossis being trashed on other boards. They are very well made guns for the money and will last the life of the owner unless you're one of those guys that put 100K a year through your gun and, heck, a 686 Smith ain't gonna handle THAT too long. LOL! I HAVE had firing pin issues with a M971 in the past. Got it back from Interarms (back in the early 90s) and it broke again on the first range trip. So, I took it to a good gunsmith and he says "It needs proper fitting" and I guess he was right, because I never had a problem with it again in a coujple thousand rounds after he fixed it. But, this can be an issue with Rossis and the only issue I know about with the guns. I've talked to one other guy that had a firing pin problem with a 971 from that era, so I know it wasn't just isolated to mine. I sorta prefer the floating firing pins of my Taurus revolvers, but still own a M68 that's never done anything, but shoot every time and put 'em real close together. :D Of 6 Rossi revolvers I've owned, it's the most well fit and finished. I bought it in 1981 for my step dad (to get the M10 Smith away from him that had been my grandpas, he wanted a gun for the house). It has been a straight shooting, reliable little revolver ever since. I like the 3" barrel, too, adds barrel length (sight radius) and I shoot it better than the M88 2" I had or my M85UL I have now with a 2" barrel. However, I carry the M85 mostly, lighter, fits in a pocket, and it's not inaccurate after all.

Here's my 511 with the Pachmayr. This one ALWAYS goes to the range with me. I have no idea how many thousands of rounds it's fired. I have to buy a 550 pack of Federal Lightening every couple of months, I know that and most of 'em are fired in this gun.

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Oh, btw, the 518 succeeded the 511. I got my 511 mid 80s. The 518s were available early 90s IIRC.
I got a 461 for $150..used..awesome gun.I hate to say"for the money"because it's an awesome gun for twicw that price.I know 3 other guys who have rossi's....all 4" 357's.
I saw a really old one at a local shop on monday...a 4" 357 in nickel.It had a real thin rear fixed sight,and a small wood grip.I almost bought it,it was like $149...I may go back and check it out again after I see how big my next paycheck is.
I paid about 100 bucks for this brand new in 1981. It's got the "thin rear sight", but you can adjust it for windage, though I didn't have to. It's got little tiny screws on either side of the sight notch that, I think, can be used to adjust for windage. It's a 3" M68. I put Ajax pearlite grips on it which the pic doesn't do justice for. They're quite pretty if you like mother of pearl and a lot tougher than the real stuff.

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Native T:that looks like it...do you like it?and how will it stand up to a fair amount of shooting?Not weekly,but I'd like to use it in IDPA,so not super hot loads either.Mostly Winclean 38 spl 125gr.
thanks...as always I'm sucker for cheaply priced guns...
The thing is very accurate, very tight and well made fitted and finished compared to some later (late 80s, early 90s) Rossis I owned. I have been very impressed with the function and value of all the Rossis I've ever owned. I had a M88 stainless 2" that I sold to a friend because I liked my Taurus 85UL a lot better, but it was a great gun for the money. This little 3" 68 shoots 2" 25 yard groups sand bagged and shoots to POA with my wadcutter loads and not far off with carry loads. I don't carry it much, but won't sell it, shoots too good.

The DA trigger is a bit stiff, but fairly smooth. It's not S&W/Taurus quality, but it's not hard to shoot well. The SA trigger is light and creep free, very crisp. It's hard to knock the gun considering what it costs. Exellent value. No, it's not a top of the line gun, but it's certainly not junk. I've owned a Charter Arms .38 before and the Rossi is higher quality, fit, finish, and I believe a stronger gun. The Charter didn't time perfectly on all cylinders, though it shot okay. The Rossi times perfect.
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I have two 462's. When I take them to the range I'll just shoot target loads.

And, I never shoot .357s, I just shoot 38 Specials. I carry 38s +ps in them.
My father inlaw owns one. He got it in trade from some guy at work. He gave it to me to test it out so he could use it as a house gun, I put 50 rounds of 38 special through it and it seem to work fine. It sure was light and had a bit of a kick to it and the small wood grips didnt help either. For a house gun though it will work great for him
Love my Rossi 38 special ;D (model 351). Good shooter. 1 fractured firing pin repaired at shop...no big deal.
I've had firing pin issues with a 971 before and have heard of others. Not really a big deal, but you DON'T want that happening in a fight. I had mine fixed and never had a problem with it after that. I carried it outdoors, mostly, even killed a javelina with it. Neat field gun, light to tote and quite accurate for its size. It was a little lighter than a K frame, but heavier than a J, perfect for a back pack gun or side arm while rifle hunting. Tooks some rabbits with that thing for camp meat, too. My Taurus M66 4" nickeled gun has taken its place. It's a few ounces heavier, but a little more accurate. I sure liked the size and weight of that Rossi, though.
Proud model 461 owner here. Love the little gun. Really solid and accurate and not expensive.
I just bought a 971. I took is pinshooting a few days ago, and beat over half of the other shooters.
yea, I got a Rossi. It's a m877 stainless 357 snub that I mainly shoot 38 plus rounds in. Shoots somewhat to the left unless i shoot double action then it goes a bit to the right. Picked it up used but in good condition. Feels good in the hand. Have had no trouble from it.
I like mine too:

Those are not carry rounds, I prefer the non +P Winchester Silvertip HP's. They are rated for this Rossi and I like them also... well.. you know, for the Werewolves.

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