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Finally punching out new reloads

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First Thanks to you all for the help and advice you sent my way on reloading for the 45 ACP I finally got the biggest part of it ready to start loading I am starting out with Red Dot on the very bottom of the data and will work my way up slowly I have a lot of different powder to choose from with this caliber and will give them all a try eventually. Red Dot works very well in my 40's and 9mm's plus it came up several times in the posts I got from TA. Next I'll probably try Bullseye they are old stand by's that have been pushing bullets down range for quite some time now. I have a couple of mags loaded up at 4.4 grains and will start to go up tomorrow I'm loading a 200 grain LSWC now I'm just waiting for a warmer day to go to the range
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Red Dot is a great choice to start with ! Looking forward to hearing how your first rounds go at the range.
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Like everyone else I will be watching for updates.

I'm still debating whether I would like to get a 40 S&W or a 45acp pistol.
Get the 45 ACP. It has more experience.
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