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Finally Got A Colt

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I traded my Springfield GI .45 for this Colt last weekend..
A friend of mine (with chubby hands) has had this for a long time.
he loves the 1911 platform but this one was to small for him to shoot comfortably.
he liked my government model, I liked his...........so we traded :)
It's a 1987 Colt MK IV Officers ACP.45 and was ordered with Colts "Ultimate Bright Stainless Steel" finish. I think I got the better of the deal for sure..:)

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Now ya gone and done it!! :D ;D Mentioned the Horsey brand of pistol. Just for that as punishment we are suggesting a range report,30,000 words or more, in triplicate, double spaced, and on Flyer's virtual desk, Monday morning. :) ;) :D ;D ::) :eek: :-X :-\ ;D :D

Kidding of course. We staff have never been able to find his virtual desk and he has the only key to our dungeon keep storage facility. :) :D ;D

Though we all would like to know how it shoots.

Excellent pistol from the looks of things.
Wow that thing shoooore is puuurty. Are you really going to shoot it, much? Good luck with it.
P.S. Now you need to change your signature.
Kruz, you definitely got the better end of that deal! Nice looking pistol, I'm sure you will enjoy it.
One of the nicest little ponys I've seen in awhile.. Congrats!!!!!!
You did well Kruz, IMO. :) It's so shiny you can see your reflection in it. :D
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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