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Hello All, I am new here to the board and proud owner of a Millennium Gen 1.

Does anyone have or can anyone point me in any direction where I can find pictures and/or instructions for field stripping the Millennium?
I would love to take EVERYTHING apart and give her a nice cleaning. I have done this to my glock many times before, but I would like to learn any little trick or tips before doing it to my Millennium. I am sure its not as simple as the Glocks too ;D
I already took off the slide and barrel and give it a general clean, but I did have some trouble getting the takedown lever back in place. I got it to work, but took some tweeking. It seems as if the barrel lock/lug throws the barrel back when the slide is back which is the position recommended to put back in the takedown lever. Unfortunately, after you release the slide the its difficult for the barrel lug/lock to go pass the takedown lever pin so this make the slide not being able to lock in place. I do not know if there is a special trick to put this back into place, but I had to used the space for the slidestop to brace it with a jeweler screwdriver and then slip the takedown lever back in. I figured this may help some that possibly runs into this problem.
Thanks everyone!
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