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Federal 115 gr fmf rn 9mm Question

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Hi eveyone. I was at Walmart tonight, and they happened to have 4 boxes of Federal 115gr fmj rn (9mm) on the shelf. I have a PT 111 Millennium Pro,am new to pistols, and was wanting some feedback on that type of ammo. (I bought 3 boxes 'cause that is all they wold sell me)

Anyone have any experience with it? Problems? Advice?

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Federal is a major manufacturer...ammo should work well for you.
Wow, you are lucky. I would buy that in a heartbeat. I can't even find any ammo at any of my local walmarts.
I've been forced to pay a higher price for PPU FMJ's because my Walmart just can't keep Federal on the shelf.
Federal works fine for pistols.
Great find! Federal is my favorite ammo to put thru my 809C, and I can't ever find it .. Well, not that I can find ANY at my Wal-Mart right now, but you know what I'm saying...:D
Great find! Around here the only ammo available is shotgun birdshot....:(
Yes, you stumbled onto a good find.
My 709 & 809 both eat the Federal hard ball stuff just fine.
I've shot a lot of that, it's good stuff.
Overall, you won't find a better ammo than Federal. Some as good, and some specialized ammo might have an edge, but for all around good ammo, Federal is, in my opinion, the best.
Good find! The Federal runs great in all my Taurus semi-auto hanguns - .380, 9MM, and .45. The Federal value packs at Wal-Mart with 100 rounds are the best price you will find. Wal-Mart sells 20% of the ammo in the US and they are having a hard time keeping it in stock. They just recently started limiting purchases to 3 boxes.
Federal makes outstanding ammo.

Lots of agencies use it in my neck of the woods.

Never had a problem with it, would recommend it to anyone.
Its fine ammo!
A few pistols will show a dislike for certain ammunitions but typically a FMJ R/N should work in about any semi auto.
Federal is a major manufacture and so should be just fine!
actually I have a PT24/7 C , a model 99, a beretta PX4 SC, and a stoger cougar in 9MM and honestky they all run on everything from 92 grain through 147 grain ammo without a hitch, unless you have one of the picky weapons out there then you should be good to go.
Federal ammo will do just fine. If you happen to fall on it again do not hesitate to buy it.
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