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The title is a familiar refrain for those of us who patronize the NBC show titled "Fear Factor".Such words are reserved for the fortunate souls who prevail to the end of the episode as winners of the $50,000 prize.Whether or not one is fortunate for having eaten some entrails of an animal is debateable, but this leads me to a serious topic that came to mind at work four hours ago.

I sat in my chair in a nonchalant fashion when I overheard a co-worker discuss a recent shooting involving a suspect that hasn't been caught yet. Such developments do not rate as news to my ears ,conditioned as they are to expect such sad news from the broadcasts in Chicago, but my good co-workers appeared to be in a state of agitation at the idea of a fugitive on the run. The consternation increased among the female co-workers when it was determined that the shooting took place a mere 39 minutes away from here.

That is when the realization hit me that my nonchalant reaction was not due to being conditoned to violence. I haven't lived in Chicagostan for quite some time , after all.The reassuring weight of my holstered carry pistol reminded me that an armed individual carrying a weapon he or she is familiar with has little reason to fear the news broadcast.

"Fugitive murderer wanted by police" does not possess quite a frightening connotation when an individual has assumed responsibility for their own safety.Matters are obviously different for those who trust the collective to provide for their individual safety.
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