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Favorite cheap round for the 9mm.

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What is your favorite 9mm round for cheap range shooting?
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Winchester White Box 115 FMJ is about the best buy. Used to get it at Wal Mart for $11.99, Then it went to $12.88 now $14.55/per 100. Still the cheapest available. I sometimes shoot American Eagle FMJ at $7.99/per50 at the local sporting goods store.
I don't have a preferred round. I just shoot whatever was cheapest that will feed.

Sitting in the ammo locker I think I have 3 flavors of 9mm ball: Blazer Brass, Fiochi and Wolf. I've also ran WWB (for those who don't know Winchester White Box, usually from Wally World), S&B.

In the past I've also ran Federal/American Eagle, Reminton/UMC, PMC, Blazer Aluminum etc. I haven't used any of them lately as I haven't found them at cheap enough prices. Except for Blazer Al., it didn't agree with my XD but its fed fine in everything else I've tried it in.

WWB 115grain FMJ. Walmart value pack. I use the WWB 115grain JHP for personal defense. Just about identical performance wise to the Silvertips and cheaper.
Some of my favorites have already been posted. Have to add Silver Bear Russian ammo in the 115grain JHP guise to the list.These have nickle plated cases instead of the bare ones or laquer coated cases as on other Russian ammo. The coating does away with cases sticking in the chamber and no gunk residue is left behind.Non corrosive too. Shoots to point of aim, at least in my guns. No FTF or FTE problems what so ever.
Where do you get that qwiks?
S&B, Blazer, WWB... :)
NewGuy, Try www.jgsales.com, www.cheaperthandirt.com, or www.aimsurplus.com. J&G are my go to ammo people with Cheaper Than Dirt right behind. AIM Surplus gives ammo deals in this caliber that beat the other two out for price from time to time. Frequently checking them out on-line is a good idea. J&G advertise in the Shotguns News periodical. This is printed about 2 to three times a month. Gun stores and Wal-mart, of all places, usually carry it.Usually one of them has a sale or has ammo when most others are saying they have backordered. In desparete times even have used www.makarov.com for 9mm. They have sales in various calibers from time to time.
I keep my eyes open all the time checking lots of bookmarked sites often.
Up here in Minnesota area there's a large store called Fleet Farm.
They have CCI Blazers for 5.99 a box of 50 right now so I'm stocking up.
It shoots just fine outa the PT-111 and Glock 26. ;D
Have to piggy back on that. Depending what state you are in or what part of the state(Wisconsinite here) , the store can be called Farm and Fleet or Fleet and Farm. Where I am they have ammo sales, but mainly for hunting rounds. Not so much for self defense.Granted some huntng ammo doubles as SD ammo. They do however, have SD ammo sales or practice other places in the state. Occasionally, and it is rare, practice ammo comes in a big lot for sale here.
I just picked up 2,500 rounds of Blazer aluminum 9mm off Natchez. I believe they also had S&B .223 for under $7.00 a box as well though .223 is something I'm good on at the moment. :D S&B feels fairly hot though when compared to WWB, Remington and some others - at least in their handgun calibers -- but I likes it. ;)
I picked up two cases(1000 rds) of Remington UMC brass cased FMJ 9mm from Dicks Sporting Goods.

If you buy it by the case, it's $6.98 per 50 on sale. Regularly $7.98 per 50.

Fellow shooter+forum member MrNuke is quite the marksmen and went back to back with WWB and Remington in a group test. The Remington stuff grouped more tightly. I've been using it for a while with no problems. It seems cleaner also.
I buy up every box my local wally worlds have of the Blazer Brass 9mm and .45 every time I go in one of the stores. Its right around $6.50 for 9mm and $9.47 for .45. I also buy 4000-5000 rounds from T's ammo when I catch them at the gun show every other month or so. There reloads are the best Ive tried. I buy a lot from them so they give me a great deal. If you just want to pick up 1000 rounds of 9mm from them I believe there price is still 130 for 1000

almost forgot the link
give them a call and see what they will do for ya
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