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Mine can digest any number of loads well, but the Russkie ammo Silver Bear in 115gr. and 145 gr.JHPs work the best, and as goofy as it is, the best accuracy loads as well. The hollowpoint does oddly enough deform,but not quite the way American ammo does and not as dynamic. However the deformation would cause wider wounds. Much better than ball ammo by a long shot.

WWB,Remington, and Speer 115 gr. JHPs in standard pressure loads are only a hair behind the Silver Bear.

Since the WWB does have a JHP that works ( yes there is a version with a JHP),old as the design is, and the Remington has an ogive closer to hardball, these two can get the job done defensively if needed.

I do keep more updated ammo designs around, but use them mostly in the other pistols.

Since this state does not have CCW there is no reason to put premium ammo in a gun that will not get used for carry or home use that much.

The state was due to get CCW when the whole thing fell through. I still use this a lot as a fun gun or one for checking some things out that go bump in the night. Can carry the gun concealed to the front door descretely if needed.

PT111s are nifty guns in my book. :)
1 - 1 of 10 Posts
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