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Favorite .44 magnum load

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I need to find another pet brand since my favorite PMC 240 gr jsp is gettin tougher to find. I would like to find a reasonably priced box of 50 that would be good for hunting/ blasting ammo. I don't like wolf but I am interested to see if any of you shot magtech and what you think of them. I liked the PMC because it was accurate, stout and a good general purpose round that didn't hurt my wallet too much, I tend to shy away from lead and prefer a jacketed Round. Any thoughts?
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I saw wolf and sellier and bellot .44 ammo at the gun show last weekend. Myst have been premium stuff because they wanted $27 a box. I won't run any czech ammo through any of my guns anymore since my last incident with them.
I bought a box of magtech last weekend and I'm going to try them out soon. I't the late buck hunt up here so if I do any shooting it'll only be one shot :) I'll let you know how they do.
To update everyone here I just got back from a range session with my m44. I went through a whole box of 240 gr jacketed sp and I like it. They didn't hurt my hand at all and I was able to fire continuosly and in double action with little degradation in accuracy. Had 2 targets and the middle circle was definetly missing paper after a box of ammo. I think I'll have to get a couple more boxes.
1 - 4 of 11 Posts
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