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Failing to eject

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I took my daughter with me when I shot my Mill pro the other days and ran into a problem. When she fired it and only when she fired it it didn't eject properly. The first time it hit her in the face and the second time it jammed in the slidder. What could cause this?
Btw she is 15 and kind of small.
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Quite possibly she was limp wrist'ing it.
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maybe rounds were not in mag right. :confused:
Quite possibly she was limp wrist'ing it.
Ok I was wondering if that would cause it.

Also how do you put the rounds in wrong? I'm completely new to handguns and only have limited use of a shotgun. I thought they only went in one way?

I just realized I probably put this in the wrong place. i didn't think it was anything wrong with the gun just the shooter.
Not holding the gun solidly can cause ejection problems since the slide does not have a solid platform to work against. The next time you take her shooting try working with her on how she grips the gun and see if that corrects the problem she is having.
I'd bet dollars to doughnuts that limp wristing is the issue.

Try to get her into more of a Weaver stance, with the "push-pull" isometric for holding the pistol. You can find info on YouTube explaining that, if you're not sure what it is.

It just makes for a solid, stable platform so the inertia created from firing allows the slide to function properly, with the added benefit of quicker target re-acquisition after a shot.
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