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F/s utas uts-15

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Willing to part with this bullpup pump action shotgun for the right offer. It holds 15 2-3/4 inch shells in the 2 magazines above the barrel and has the ergonomics of an AR-15 and the feel of the action of a Mossberg 500. Which magazine empties first can be selected or you can set it to automatically alternate magazines. Breaks down like any other shotgun around making cleaning very easy.

I've only put a box of shells through it to get a feel for what chokes I liked with and without the included 7.5 inch barrel extension. It will come with all the basic chokes and others are easy to find because (another plus) it takes the same chokes as a Beretta.

Just for clarification, it will come with all the basic chokes, barrel extension, and also QD sling swivel studs. I mounted a rail on the foregrip and put on a Magpul AFG that will go with the gun as well. This particular gun is OD green.

Asking $1,200 OBO.

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Gun Firearm Rifle Trigger Air gun

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Disclaimer: Buyer is responsible for knowing his/her local laws regarding the legality of length of barrel, capacity, or type of weapon.
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I always forget something...

I will entertain trade offers as well!
Sale pending. Will update if sold.
Bump. The potential buyer's wife said no :D
Price Reduction!

$1,100 OBO
Price Reduction

$1,000 obo
Sale pending. Deal seems solid but won't happen until Sunday at the earliest. Will update if sold.

make contact if sale falls through
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