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These may appeal to any rimfire fans we have on the board, especially those fond of Browning Buckmarks and the Ruger MK series. :D


Excerpt: "Excel Arms .22 Magnum Model MP-22 Accelerator Auto Pistol

by Jeff Quinn

photography by Jeff Quinn & Boge Quinn

December 23rd, 2007

I love the .22 Magnum cartridge. Whether from a pocket revolver, auto pistol, or rifle, the little magnum performs all out of proportion to its size. With the right bullet, it is an excellent penetrator, displaying more penetration than many larger calibers. While I would rather not, I could get along quite well with nothing but a .22 Magnum. From a revolver, the .22 Magnum performs much like a .22 Long Rifle cartridge fired from a carbine, but with a better bullet. From a closed-breech pistol, the .22 Magnum really shines, suffering no loss of velocity as does the cartridge fired from a revolver, due to the revolver’s barrel/cylinder gap.

There have been a few .22 Magnum auto pistols manufactured over the years, and some have been better than others. The .22 Magnum AMT Automag II is back in production, and I reviewed one here back in November of 2006."

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