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I did.
Years ago, while thinning the herd, I sold a stainless 85CH that I had labored hours and hours on, polishing every concievable bearing surface and installing Wolff springs. To compare the action to "butter" is pretty accurrate.

Years later, yearning to get that special feeling back again, I've got 2 more 85s, one stainless, one blue. Great guns, and I hope never to sell them, but I no longer have the time and patience to spend so much time in the pursuit of perfection.

At least I have my treasure. The special gun that I will never sell. Over a decade ago, I bought a police trade in S&W model 10, 4" barrel. It was scratched up and only cost me $135.00.

I had lots of spare time, and was on a mission. Using stock springs (except for trigger return) and the patience of a saint (that I no longer have) I put more time learning how the innards worked, how to polish and adjust and fine tune that bargain basement gun than I ever have before or since. I finished her off with a coat of Brownell's bake on gun laquer. I still marvel to myself at the quality of parts and workmanship that I got for $135.00. I am proud to say its the cheapest gun I own (well, next to the NAA mini .22) and far and away the best shooter. Its almost like the bullets are magically attracted to the bullseye. This one I keep even if Obama makes it illegal.
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