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Ever heard of "extreme shock" ammunition?

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So I was at my local gun shop and saw these on the shelf.

Extreme shock...

$13.95 for 5 rounds! Yeah.... they're sold in blister packs. That's what has me worried.

Here's the one I saw on their website that I was interested in.



They're claiming over 1100 fps... would that be considered a +p round?

What exactly does "explosive entry" mean.

Here's all they offer in the "fang face" rounds.


These things look worse than the ol' black talons!

I'm currently carrying with Speer Gold Dots in .40
I've heard nothing but good things about the gold dots, but this just looks like more of a devastating round.
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First off, I have serious reservations using anything firearm related from a company who's adds appear to be taken from a video game.

Second, I've heard from several people that the ammo doesn't live up to its claims. For example, North Bender on the Makarov board had 1 out of 5 separate during handling before he could test it. Now I'm quoting this from memory so I could be a little off.

IF I were to chose to use a frangible defense load I'd go with either Glaser or Magsafe. They've both been around long enough and had many independent tests done that people have a good idea what they're buying.

1 - 1 of 10 Posts
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