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Ever heard of "extreme shock" ammunition?

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So I was at my local gun shop and saw these on the shelf.

Extreme shock...

$13.95 for 5 rounds! Yeah.... they're sold in blister packs. That's what has me worried.

Here's the one I saw on their website that I was interested in.



They're claiming over 1100 fps... would that be considered a +p round?

What exactly does "explosive entry" mean.

Here's all they offer in the "fang face" rounds.


These things look worse than the ol' black talons!

I'm currently carrying with Speer Gold Dots in .40
I've heard nothing but good things about the gold dots, but this just looks like more of a devastating round.
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There is a review at www.theboxoftruth.com check it out it is not very good by his review
a bunch of us over at XDtalk sent him the money to purchase the rounds and test them and compared to other rounds they didnt fare to well.
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