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Over the past year I've read countless stories about ordinary people running into bad situations. The other night my life almost changed. I just thank the Lord almighty above that I have taken the time to learn how to handle my weapon properly and how to maintain so form of reasonable composure.

By nature I am a night owl. I stay up late surfing the web or on this particular night, watching the Ducks win their first Stanley cup. At 1:15 am I was still awake, so as I do every night. I walked out onto my driveway, which is at the back of my home and opens into an alley. I have what I call a "guard's walk" (I did security for 8 years), so my hands are at the small of my back, coincidentally where I also had my PT1911 tucked that night. To my left are hedges which stand over 6 feet tall and in front is my big red gardening shed. At that moment something caught my attention and a voice said pssst, hey! Honestly, all I could see was darkness and a shiny object. I instinctively drew my weapon and pointed into the darkness. I said get the "F" out of there. A young, white, male teen appeared, sweating and nervous. I said calm but stern, "What the hell are you doing on my property at 1:15 in the morning". He stated that his drunk mother had come home and he was scared. At this time I noticed that the object in his hand was a cell phone. I lowered my weapon, but still kept it in hand while keeping a good eye on the kid. I told him "boy, do you know that you almost got shot". He said "I know". I said, "you need to go right now". After a quick moment of babel from the teen, he quickly walked (not ran, if you could believe it) away while making a call on his cell.

I waited until he was far out of my sight. I then got a flashlight and investigated the area incase he dropped a weapon or drugs. I went in my house, told my wife and went to sleep (if you can call it sleep). I did ponder the though of calling the police at the time, but felt that it would have been a waste for their time. I hope I didn't make a mistake (what's done is done). I'm just glad that I didn't have to end some foolish kid's life over his stupidity and a cell phone. I't would have been bad for him and worse for me.

Lesson learned, This is not a video game or a movie. Take great caution when confronted. There is no pause button or extra lives in the real world.

Peace my friends,

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gunfighter48 has a very good point. Having a flashlight with you may have eleviated the need to draw. I'm sure that boy had no real bad intentions, but then you never really know until it's too late. Either way I bet he had to change his underwear afterwards.

Consider investing in a good flashlight and keep it with you on your nightly walks. Glad everything worked out well for you in this instance.

1 - 1 of 13 Posts
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