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Embarrassing Ammo question..

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OK, don't laugh...
I'm reading about all these ammo options..
I use regular bulk boxes for the range: Winchester and/or Remington 250 ct boxes, 115 gr.
Then I have a box of Winchester 115gr JHP & a box of Federal Hydra-Shok 124 gr. JHP

Dumb question being.. I thought the 115/124 gr was the 'gunpowder' load.
Now, in reading more, & hindsight, I'm thinking it might mean the weight of the.. ??.. projectile? slug? Whatever it's appropriately called!?

Anybody want to clarify for the amateur that I am?

( more questions will follow, about holsters, sights, carry styles & options, etc., etc.. stay tuned..)

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Oh gee, I do not want to be in the area, if you fire a shell with 124 gr of powder! Sorry, I just had to say that. I am a rookie, after a many year absence from shooting myself.


I am slowly learning from the guys here, I even answer a few.
And so I asked... I gather by your reply ( not exactly an -answer-, BTW, but, I got your point! )
:) That's my answer, huh?!
OK, you can go laugh now.. I can't hear you anyway..

This is what I was told when I asked the same question:

"Grain is a measure of bullet weight. One grain is about 1/8000th of a pound."
Whoops I did forget to put the answer in.

115 gr bullet, not cartridge is the round thing in front of the casing, which has the powder & primer in it.

I have a 9 mm, myself the only three rounds I have fired are standard load, 115fmj, 124fmj, and 147 JHP.

And I was not laughing at all. I hope your more accurate with your 9mm than I am. OH and welcome aboard, as I have not seen a new member introduction from you that I remember.
dont worry we all ask dumb /embarasing questions once in a while thats how we learn
Robby - I know you weren't laughing.. I'm just a classic self-mocking smart-ass!
Thanks for the info.
I'd been thinking the "gr" was 'grains of powder', or somethin' like that..

I did introduce my self a day or 2 ago, over there in the proper section, something like "thanks for being here, from Houston, TX", I think.
Go check it out.. it'll give ya' a good idea of where I'm at..

And I'm not very accurate, but... I think I'd get the results needed, when & if ever needed!
A guy at the range said I was doing pretty good, actually!
( was good to hear that... if he meant it!) :)

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Yes sir, its the weight of the bullet. Generally speaking, lighter bullets have higher velocity than heavier bullets with comparable amounts of powder.
Actually, if you check out the section on loading, you will find out that grain is used in bullet weight and powder weights. Thus my stupid joke, not wanting to be around if you fired a 124 gr powder load from any gun.

I see these reloaders talking about 6 gr, 10 gr and loads like that depending on the bullet weight. Heavy loads of powder in light bullets, light loads of powder in heavy bullets. It took a bit for me to reconcile that in my mind, but it is starting to make sense after being here for almost 5 months.
But how do I know how much powder is in my 115gr JHP, & 124gr JHPs?
More importantly ... do I care!?

I'm buying factory boxes. I won't be reloading. I'm not a gun connoisseur. (yet?) ;-)

-And- I don't -really- understand the +P issue & controversy, but, I figure I don't need to worry about it.
I see no reason to possibly jeopardize the safety or life of my gun over a little more power, if that's the gist of it. ( I would've bought a PT145!)

I'm actully sittin' here cleaning my PT111 as we speak. ( more questions there! These damn tools & little swatches!!)
Many of the boxes have the FPS, and other information on the end flaps. I have never looked for powder load info on standard rounds, but it might be there. My guns and ammo boxes are stored away from the office so I can't run and look.

Oh I have asked the +P questions for 9mm, 38, 357, and 45 colts. If you use the search function and just put in +P you will probably get ton of information.
I've read lots of the back-n-forth about "+P or not to +P"

( I lurked around in here for a couple weeks, reading tons o' stuff, before I actually 'joined' a few days ago..)

I'm thinking +P is not for me.
I just think that's one issue I don't have to worry about ( at the moment, if ever!)

I have enough on my plate just trying & learning to be an informed, educated & practiced, -safe!- new gun owner!

(this is a great place for the 'informed & educated' part of that!) _Thanks!

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You will do well, the practiced, informed and educated gun owner is what the world needs. Not "range commando's, or street smart gun happy idiots"
well.. like I said ( if you've read my intro yet!) - I've never been a real fan of guns; I don't hunt ( I do fish, tho! catch & release bass!), but am not against responsible hunting at all!

I've just decided to get a handgun. ( And, so ... I want to do it right; safely, responsibly, & legally!)

I live in Houston. Lotsa' bad parts of town, believe it or not!

I'm heavily involved in animal welfare/adoption/rescue - the local City Shelter is -in- a bad part of town.
I'm often -in- other bad parts of town, picking up, rescuing, feeding dogs, etc...
I've seen lots of ... oh, scary looking people.... on these operations.

I met my girlfriend/partner on a rescue effort 4 years ago... She's probably the best thing that's ever happened to me - & I'm 45 yrs old!
We walk several of our own dogs in our neighborhood at all hours of day & night.

I want to be prepared & ready to protect myself and her ( OK, & our dogs!) if the need arises.

And so I'm here, learning lots from all you good people.
I won't ramble further, but I will say thank you all again!

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Folks. Just for giggles. The NRA puts out a Shooting Source Guide that has all that kind of info in there. www.nra.org has the materials for that.

There's also Police Book Shelf, www.krause.com , and Paladin Press that have easy to read info if anyone is interested.

Having a small reference library with books form those sources and updated every few years is not a bad thing . Nor will it break the bank accounts.

Cartridges of the World (another www.krause.com book-also known as DBI or Gun Digest Books) has a new updated book on ballistics and every cartridge under the sun ever come up with. Explains the basics of ammo as well. Soft cover type of book.
Don't feel bad. This is off subject but I had a girlfriend who was really surprised that I had a half ton pickup. She said "It looks like it weighs more than a thousand pounds." After laughing for a few minutes I explained that is the payload rating not the actual weight of the pickup.
high5apparatus said:
"Grain is a measure of bullet weight. One grain is about 1/8000th of a pound."
Actually its 1/7000th of a pound, not that it makes much difference, except when calculating number of shots per lb of powder.

Davidk0031 said:
Actually its 1/7000th of a pound, not that it makes much difference, except when calculating number of shots per lb of powder.

Maybe he just likes to load things hot and every little bit helps :mad:

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