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Eley Match Remington branded.

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Of course, I've had problems finding ANY .22 ammo lately. I still need some Federal bulk for plinking, but I like quality ammo for hunting and will pay for it.

Not sure what's up with Remington importing Eley Match ammo, but the hardware store in Hallettsville has had some on the shelves for a bit. It ain't selling too fast at 19.95 a box, but I know it's good stuff. I've had the 10/22 sighted in for RWS R50 since I mounted a scope on it. Need the scope, my eyes are getting real sucky. Anyway, I picked up one box of 50 of that Eley today and came home to try it. Now, the RWS has about 2" of drop at 50 sighted in for 25. This is nothing odd. It shot 1" groups at 50 yards from the bench. The Eley shoots to POA at 25 AND 50, cool! And, to top that off, under 1/2" at 25, under 1" at 50 for five shots. At 25 all holes were touching.

Bare in mind this is a 10/22, bone stock except for a Hogue stock which eliminates the barrel band. I have a more accurate old Remington bolt gun, but this is PLENTY good 'nuf for squirrel hunting, what I intend it for. It's my woods bumming rifle. I don't mind paying for quality ammo with THIS sort of performance. I won't plink tin cans with it, but for hunting, pretty awesome stuff.
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