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Any opinions on my planned customization?

The bottom-most part of the underlug on the Tracker is cool looking and fairly useless IMO. On the 4" arm it adds total and front-end weight that probably helps gun handling. However, IT ADDS WEIGHT and makes the gun FRONTHEAVY/UNBALANCED. My intent, when rich and famous, if I even keep it (fired 20 rounds and that may be enough), is to have the underlug, which I don't really think reinforces the barrel, drilled 1/8" dia. along the centerline back as long as the sight ramp. It will take almost an ounce off the front of the gun and I don't think affect it negatively at all. The hollow tube will do as much as the solid underlug and there's that extra material in the sight-ramp on the top to make up for it anyway... Thoughts?

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