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721 OT or JIT Slide?

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Don Hume holster

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I have read all the holster post here and looked a bunch of holster web sites and have narrowed it down to these two for my m-85 UL. both are in my price range and will buy from Gunners Alley. No shops here in town have any for me to put hands on so I must go by the pictures and good advice from here. I`m sure ether one is very nice but wanted to put this up to a vote as to what you guys liked best if you had to chose only one. Thanks.
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Everyone is different, but I would prefer the 721 because it has a cant. Makes it easier to conceal and draw from. :angel:
Same reason as above. Good choice to start out with.
I think either will work. And since Gunners Alley has a great return policy if your first choice doesn't work out you can still try the other one. I know this as I returned a holster that just didn't work out for me from them. http://www.gunnersalley.com/category/refunds___returns/

721, I don't care for the JIT, it doesn't give as much support.
Order one of their belts, they are excellent.
Thanks jk and everyone else, I have the 721 OT on the way from Gunners Alley. :D
You won't regret it. The Don Hume 721 is one of the best holsters made!!
I used a JIT for a 4-inch S&W 629 for a very short while. I didn't like the fact that so much of the gun was exposed. In my simple mind, a holster has to do several things for me.....carry, protect, and conceal the weapon. The JIT didn't do any of the three very well.
Well, the 721 OT holster came in the other day and I wore it around the house for 3 days. With my big gut, I have to pull my belt tight to keep pants up and in doing this I found the 721 with my 85 in it would dig into my hip bone and just was very uncomfortable. It was also more leather, from end to end, then I wanted. It is a very nice holster but I could not get used to it. I ended up trading even at a gun shop in town here for the Hume D A H dual purpose holster. It can be worn SOB or strongside because it has 3 belt slots. I like it on my right side kidney. The 721 was 40 bucks at Gunners Alley and the D A H ( not sure what that stands for ) is 50 but my gun shop had it at 29.95 and I just traded even. I like it a lot. Next thing will be a tuckable IWB type I think. Thanks again to everyone who offered up their advice. Karl Sorry, didn`t mean to go on and on here.
Not a problem. You just filled us in on how the holster worked (or didn't work) for you.

Steelheart said:
Not a problem. You just filled us in on how the holster worked (or didn't work) for you.

Thanks. Anybody who might be a fan of SOB or perhaps kidney type carry should take a look at the Don Hume D.H.A holster at the Gunners Alley site. I`m very much pleased with it.
the 715 looks like a good model too, IWB though. Lookin' hard at this one for myself...
I have been breaking in a 721 OT for a PT145 for over a week now. It seems to be moving into an odd shape that caused the front sight post to cut a groove into the leather. The fit and ride are excellent, but the bending causes it to be a bit too sticky - perhaps as it breaks in a bit more it will be fine.
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