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Don Hume holster opinions?

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I got a Fobus SP11 today and don't like how it sticks out from my hip so far. So I'm looking at getting the Don Hume Open Top. Has anyone used this? What are your thoughts? I made a similar holster for my Arcus and like that but now I don't have the time to make one for the MilPro so I'll just shell out the $50.

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I've got a couple of Don Hume holsters. They are made well and last. Mine are IWB, been lookin' at OWB open top 721. :thumb:
I just ordered this for my PT111, and the same item for my Rossi 357. Don Hume First Agent (H710) Holster If you do not like snaps, or if you can no longer run hard it should work, I am just kidding about the running. Here is another from Hume JIT Slide Belt Holster Weapon: TAURUS PT-111 Millenium Pro. Both of these are very small holsters, should fit close for concealment.

Mine will not be here til first of the week I am sure, as we are snowed in big time!!
I've been using the Don Hume H721 owb and the H715 iwb, depending on what I'm wearing. Both holsters are well made, confortable to wear and conceal well. I ordered mine through www.gunnersalley.com. Their customer service if great and the items are sent within a few days.
I also agree that the Don Hume 721 is hard to beat. I usually buy direct from the source. That way I can be assured that it will not go on back order, they check while you're on the phone (1-800-331-2686) to see if it's in stock. Also the cost, (including shipping) is within $1.50 of the other place mentioned. Shipping is very fast.
I hate backorders! Yeah, GunnersAlley back ordered both holsters I ordered. They also want to split the shipment, as one item will be in sooner than the other. I have not cancelled the order yet, but am attempting to contact Don Hume Co. direct to see if they have the products available. So much for trying to save a couple $ going thru a retailer.
Please keep us informed as to the differences/similarities of the two companies. I think that dealing with Don Hume direct, you will come out ahead in both price and service.
Well Don Hume is like Gunnersally, they are out of stock and expect the same time frame as I was told. I am bummed out. I am trying to see if they have another model that I could substitute, that I like almost as much. Of course, I am a fan of email, over phone calls, but some companies respond better on the phone. So tomorrow I will call GunnersAlley and see what I can work out.
Let us know I am considering getting a couple of holsters as I will be taking my ccw course pretty soon.
+1 on the 721 OT...had mine for a year or so now, comfortably holds the 145 in tight and high.
Just one suggestion, decide what you want and order it ASAP! Your going to get hit with waits of from a week or two to 10 to 12 weeks from some manufacturers.

I was at my local check cashing gun shop Friday, and most of the guys there, have been using, or have used the Don Hume holsters for CCW. Various models, but the manager was wearing the exact one I ordered, and says he has had it for several years, (it still looks good and holds well per him). His shop does not sell Hume holsters, but they seem to like them.
i have been thinking about getting one for my 24/7.i dont remember the model# but its like around 30.00
I bought the 721OT from gunners alley. i'm left handed and they didn't have one in stock. Luckily Don Hume had 1 in stock (i called to check) and gunners put in an order for it. saved a few bucks but it took a little longer to get it. either way, i'm happy with the holster.
Got mines from Ebay! At first it was pretty tight. But after, fits really nice. Great for conceal carry. IMO
i have the don hume iwb for the pt140, love it. ive had blackhawk, uncle mikes, and don hume, love this holster
I have a 721ot and a jit slide for my pt140. I think that the 721 holds the gun a little tighter to my body. The jit slide sits higher on my belt. I guess it comes down to the way your cover fits you
I have a Don Hume IWB right side, leather for the PT145 Mil PRO. Love it, comfortable and pistol fits very snug.
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