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Don Hume H721 O.T.

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Anyone using this holster? I need one (OWB) for my newest acquisition (PT 745). Or can anyone suggest a OWB they really, really like? I prefer a forward cant.

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Started to order one of these from GunnersAlley, but saddle brown is hard to come by for some reason. This looks like a really good holster. Think I'll wait awhile to see if they produce more in brown, then maybe order one for my PT145.
I ordered the regular H721 for my PT145. If you order straight from the factory it's a couple bucks more but you get it faster. I like it alot for going out shooting, do prefer an OT design for CC.
I have that exact setup as well as their belt. I am very happy with it.
I have a Don Hume JIT Holster for my S&W457...and I love it
have 3 of them very nice but very stiff at first , it will take a little bit of time to get it broke in so the draw is smooth but good quality and great price. I use 1 for a Springer Micro Compact and 1 for a Xd and one for my Taurus 605
I have the saddle brown for my 24/7. Very nice for the price
I just took delivery of a 721 OT direct from Hume, most of the bigger sites did not specifically list the PT-145, but Hume did. As others mentioned, very stiff, but is breaking in quickly. They did not have saddle brown in stock. They gave me a few bucks off for military discount - nice touch. So far it carries very well, but it holds too tight. A friend suggested a Galco product to lube the inside of the leather surface - I don't think I'll need to go that far just yet.
Wrap your gun, in the bag, the holster came in. Put the gun in the holster overnite, if it is not loosened up by that, add a layer or two of zip lock bags, or heavy saran wrap and do it again.
Thanks - will try that tonight! :)
I picked up a black Don Hume 721 O.T. this weekend at a gun show ($40.00). It's the 36-4 1/2 which the web site says is for a Glock 17, 22, 31. But, my 1911 seats in it perfectly. Dare I say, "Like a Glove." (The site says the 10-5 is for my 1911.)

I haven't given it a long wear, yet. But, tried it on for an hour at the 3 o'clock and 4:30 positions. It rides high and close (+) and I love the forward cant (++). The small upper body shield is also a (+).
I have a Fobus roto paddle holster for my PT1911 that I really like.

1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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