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Does Your Liquor Store Have a Gun Range in the Back?

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This one does-

Washington liquor store has private gun club in back: 'Don't think there's anything like this in the country' | Fox News

No liquor allowed on the range, but be sure to buy some on your way out!
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Talk about my two favorite errands to run...
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I think I need a few rounds with the guys!!!!!!
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Why yes...yes it does.

There is a LGS/range and restaurant that does sell beer and wine, not sure about hard liquor. I think they mark your hand with a black light marker or something to identify drinking alcohol or some such procedure.

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If you're really in the market, Double Shot liquor and guns is for sale up the road from me in Schulemburg.


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there is a range in the northside suburbs of Atlanta that has an attached restaurant that sales alcohol.
IF you consume any however you are flagged and can not go to the range.
so most go to the range first then go eat.
Needs to sell tobacco and then you'd be all set.
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My local range, Caliber in Waukegan IL has a bar and serves food. Have to lock up firearms in vehicle before heading to the bar.

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I thought this used to be widespread . . . I’ve been to yacht clubs where you could eat, drink and partake of clay target/skeet shooting; maybe not in that order. Most country clubs offer alcohol and golf combined. The beverage cart ensures no limit to how much you drink behind the wheel of a golf cart . . . sometimes those carts have follow avsection of or cross a heavily travelled road.
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