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Does anyone Carry a PT92?

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I have many guns but I really love my pt92. Im waiting for my LTCF and really want to carry my pt92, most likely CC.

How do you carry your PT92 CC or OC?

What kind of holster IWB or OWB?

Do you get use to the weight?

Any info will be helpful..
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CC with a PT-92 will be difficult. It can be done, but it is not easily concealed. It is much too thick for IWB, unless you recently lost a lot of weight. So look for an OWB holster (a Blackhawk Sherpa is very good) and get a good thick, stiff, wide gun belt to support the holster and help distribute the weight. The alternative is a good shoulder holster.
I dont know if I'd carry a 92. You'd really have to think about your wardrobe choices for concealment, because of the size and weight.. But to each their own! Good luck, let us know how it goes
I live in Pennsylvania so I dont have to CC with a LTCF, but its what I perfer.
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Where there is a will there is a way, I think asking around like this will get you on the right path. Many people carry a 1911, so a PT-92 is not unreasonable. Proper wardrobe should be able to conceal almost any handgun. When you find a way be sure to pass it on to us so others can give it a try.
I cc a 92FS. I have a mikes holster inside the waist band. I find the wieght lite compaired to my old cc weapon. I carried a .45 Single Action Army. I live in south alabama. If i wear a t-shirt 1 size to big my 92 disappears and it has the 19 round mag in it. Sorry this is so short im on my phone and not at a computer.
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Here's a wardrobe hint, check out Guayabera - Linen Pants - Beach Wedding Shirts | Cubavera . If you like there style, get one in your regular size and one a size larger. Their 100% Rayon shirts are the most comfortable shirts I've ever worn!

The larger size shirt worn outside the pant, not tucked in, cover gun very well and makes for an easy draw. The regular size, on me fits nicely but is not as comfortable to wear with a gun as the larger size. It might be different for you, that's why I recommend you try both sizes.

They run discounts fairly often and if you sign up for their email they occasionally send email codes for good discounts.

Get/use a good gun belt, they run from $35-$75, and more if you want to help the economy. Search the forum for recommendations.
I'm one of those who, like Fishin' mentioned, carries a 1911 as an EDC, and I am in sunny, (usually) sweltering Florida. I carry OWB
and just wear a light overshirt (usually one size larger, but I prefer my size in a tall if I can find them cheap). As for weight, you will
get used to it quicker than you might think. I really only notice the weight when I am not carrying! :)

If the PT92 is your preferred weapon, don't let the size be a factor. There are always ways to make it work for you.
I carry during winter months when wearing a coat with a shoulder rig made by Galco. I also have holsters for a 1911 for this same rig as well as double magazine holder to fit both guns. Takes a couple of minutes to convert from one to the other. It is the same rig I used when working in the 80's with and issued Beretta 92.
My best friend carries his PT-92 in a shoulder rig on occasion. It would be hard to carry it
IWB or OWB without a good belt and a tight pair of pants that wouldn't be pulled down by
the weight. The shoulder rig does have its limitations but is an effective way to carry it.
That thing a pain in the ass to carry... Unless you're 400lbs or wearing a duster.

Super Tactical Steve holster carries an AR15 everyday though..

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Everyone has spoken the truth (well, cept that AR15 post above this one). I have 3 1911s - a full size 5"; a Commander size 4" and an Officer size 3" - yeah, I could CC them but, except for the 3" which is not too hard to CC, the other two are not really conducive to what I want to do. Even though I do have a Crossbreed Supertuck for purposes of CC I don't do it -I open carry them in a Blackhawk Sherpa when hunting and open carrying a gun doesn't attract any significant attention. The other thing you will have to overcome, and touched on already, is the weight. Those things are all steel and, as such, heavy. Not too sure why you would want to try to CC such a beast of a weapon but I'm not here to judge - you have to do what you have to do for you! If I were to be making a decision to EDC something that large and heavy I would go the route of a shoulder holster.

Please keep us informed and thanks for sharing your story with us.
Well I live in Philly PA where it takes a minimum of 45 days to get a LTCF. So I have some time to think about or purchase a CC firearm. I was looking at the PX4 subcompact the the other day and really like it. I guess I'll have to leave my love locked up in the safe.:mad:
Well I live in Philly PA where it takes a minimum of 45 days to get a LTCF. So I have some time to think about or purchase a CC firearm. I was looking at the PX4 subcompact the the other day and really like it. I guess I'll have to leave my love locked up in the safe.:mad:
My Beretta 92 (same gun) is primarily a vehicle or nightstand weapon. I do, however, carry it some under winter clothing in a Desantis thumb break scabbard holster OWB. With a 4 o'clock carry, the weight is not too noticeable.
I carry my 92, 945, and a RIA 1911 in rotation of how I feel that day. I carry OWB at about 4 o'clock in a Biancchi Minimalist Holster. It can carry any of those three pistols and also my Radom P-64 if I carry it cocked and unlocked.
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I have a theis IWB for my pt 92 AR. 6'2 225lbs. You need a good belt.
TO me it's just a matter of getting used to it. It all depends on your clothing, when I carry my PT 92AFS I usually wear a button down shirt so it's a little loose fitting rather than a regular polo shirt.
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