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Do You Own A .25 Auto?

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For many years, this round was probably the most popular caliber for small pocket guns. Little Colts, Baby Brownings and others, then, the proliferation of cheap .25s domestically produced following the passage of GCA '68, which outlawed imports of small concealable firearms aka "Saturday Night Specials". This caliber is way down the list now, and many have written it off to the dustbin of history. Do you own or shoot a .25 now? This surprising little caliber has more going for it than people give it credit for. Your thoughts, comments and experiences are welcome.
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My dad had a .25 auto for years but I'm not sure what happened to it. After inquiring if he still had it and finding out he didn't I went shopping for a .25 auto and ended up getting a P3AT instead. I've heard it said that 22 LR or 22 mag have more velocity, etc. tha a .25, but who knows.
.22LR is not a good auto pistol round OR defense round. It's not reliable enough in ignition for me to trust it in an auto. I do have a little .22 NAA mini revolver I carry. .25 is no better stopper, of course, and now days you can get a .380 that's as compact as .25 used to be, so there's really no point in the .25. Many years ago, before there was such a thing as a carry permit in Texas and everyone just carried under the "better to be judged by 12 than carried by 6" ethos, I carried a .25 in a back pocket. It was reliable, though I couldn't hit a can with it at 15 yards. It was pretty much a "screw it in the ear" gun, anyway. That gun perhaps saved my wife and I on our honeymoon in Galveston. A bum came out of the shadows in broad daylight and asked for money. I told him to get a job (probably a little trite) and he drew a knife where upon I yanked the .25 and by the time I'd jacked a round into the chamber, he was spinning around. I never saw a wino run so fast. ROFLMAO! Shook me up a little, the wife a little worse, but she gives me absolutely no lip to this day about my weapons addiction. In fact, before we start out somewhere she often asks, "You have your gun, doncha?"

I sold that .25, probably shoulda kept it for sentiment, but didn't. I carry nothing less than .380 anymore and usually .38 or 9mm.
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I have one but rarely shoot it. The one I think may be useful is the Taurus PT25. For an older person with arthritis who is unable to rack the slide, this gun fits the bill. The tip up barrel is easy to operate, and the .25 is more reliable in a small auto than a .22. For certain people just to have a gun in the house that they can use, this would work well.
Have the PT22 and not the .25ACP version. Though you folks are correct about possible iffy ignition with the 22lrf. I have never had one not go off. Then again,that may be fate and nothing else. I use CCI Mini mags and have had very good success with function so far. Found that the Black Hole syndrome in aquiring a .25ACP version, in this part of the country, seemed to nulify getting one. Had the same trouble with aquiring a Bersa a few years back. Such is life.
I have one lol Its a Raven haha all chrome with MOP grips. My Mom picked it up at a fleamarket about 15 years ago for $35. She never fired it and to be honest I'm not sure its ever been fired. She gave it to me to test it to make sure it actually works and so far I can't seem to justify spending the same amount on the ammo as I do on my .45 rounds. Maybe one of these days I'll break down and buy a couple boxes to see how it works
The Raven is a piece of American History. This first inexpensive, small pocket pistol to be produced in America following the ban on imports by the GCA of '68. George Jennings, founder of Raven Arms, was a machinist in the Aerospace industry in Southern California. When a friend who was a gun shop owner complained that he couldn't get small pocket pistols anymore, Jennings said he could make them. He sold about 2 million of them over a 20 year run.
According to many of the Gun Gurus, Ravens are supposed to be pretty reliable for a cheaply made pistol. It is a ammo experimentation thing. I have many soft cover books and mags that harp on the Raven reliability. Would do the 100 to 200 round test just to make sure. It might be a house gun, but a discreet carry one? It is a single action striker version and I would not want to carry a pistol locked and cocked in the pocket or elsewhere. Safties and mechanical devices can fail easily or be wiped off safe by movement by accident. Would not want to have to rack the slide to chamber one in an emergency when seconds or fractions of a second on the draw can count. Too many variables for Mr. Murphy to cause to screw up on. For those with money problems and need some form of protection and for those who like .25ACPs, they may make sense. Won't slam a person's choice. The best choice is usually the bigger calibers. Whatever one shoots the best should be what the use. These new .17 caliber touted as self defense revolvers. No way. That is the exception to my rule on criticising a pick.
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Here are some wetpack test results using a Raven .25

Speer Gld Dot JHP.25 in a Raven:
.377" to .40" of expansion and 4" penetration. (Expansion equal to the size of a 9mm round)

Hornaday 35 gr JHP .25 in the Raven
.33" to .38" expansion and 6-6+" penetration

The .25 expanded EVERY TIME, while similar tests with a .32 showed the .32 round failed to expand about half the time.

Would I carry a .25 for a primary carry piece? No, I wouldn't. My P3AT is actually smaller and lighter. But this round is much better than people give it credit for. If you don't have a home protection gun, low on bucks and a $40 Raven is all you can afford, by all means go for it. Six well placed shots out of a Raven will probably do the job, if that's the only thing you have. ( But I agree, DON'T carry one of these with a round in the chamber.)
Just got back from wally world and picked up some more blazer brass .45 for $9.47 ;D anyway the damn winchester .25acp is now 15 something for a box of 50 ??? what the hell? I guess i will not be shooting the .25 anytime soon. I just cant justify spending 1 and a half times to shoot that thing rather then my .45
My Mom has one, She keeps it in her night stand. Nice little gun.
Now for the hard part. Will it stop 150 pound mice and heavier? Just kidding folks. After all, I have a PT22. It is not the main armament though. Mouse guns fill a niche for those in need,despite the small size. And yes, they are underated.
Six well placed shots out of a Raven ....
Isn't that an oxymoron???? ;D
Well, it is possible.......as long as you're within 5 feet!
I have the Raven p-25, nice little gun. Has proven to be dependable over the years. Easy to take down and clean.Like above post I also have the P3at and that is the smallest round I believe I would use as a carry weapon.

I shoot every once in a while when clearing out the back of the safe to check to make sure all working properly. I usually get the ammo at a gun show a lot cheaper than I have also found at local discount stores. I have found some ammo reasonable at flea market from dealers that I have shopped at before and can trust.
I have a Raven p-25 that is fun to shoot and seems reliable enough. I also have a CZ 45 that is basically in the same boat and it is a cool-looking little bugger. I am thinking about getting it refinished in the future. I wouldn't carry either of them because of 1. the round itself and 2. I don't personally trust my life to either gun but they have a place my collection for something different to shoot. I do have another Raven (I bought both for $49.00 each) that has a problem with the slide locking up and not wanting to fully pull to the rear. Both the Raven and the CZ are easy to take apart.
Did, a Beretta 950BS. Don't. Won't again. It was a cute little gun that shot all right. I just couldn't justify trusting my life to it.

Don't own one any longer, had a Raven in bright chrome with brown walnut handle, bought one box of ammo for it (most likely Winchester white box or maybe Federal), shot that batch up real quick, worked A-OK in my opinion, kind of a brute to hold onto though (not much grip area), sold it to a guy I worked with (it joined a Sterling .25ACP he already had)- -- --- last I talked to him, they still function great.
Wonder if anybody has really tried re-loading .25ACP ?
X-MAS is coming ! ! ! I'll take an Ed Brown Special Forces !! !! !!
I have a Beretta Model 418 (like a baby model 1934 the WWII Italian pistol) and an Astra Firecat. I have shot the Beretta, it functioned 100%. I was suprised it was as loud for such a small bullet. I used to carry the Beretta when I cycled for protection against dogs.....glad I didn't have to use it.
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