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do pt25's work?

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a local shop is selling a sweet little used pt 25 ( no they will not let me take it and test it) its nickle with pearl and gold, i had a no name 25 before--would stove pipe on me all the time. do pt 25 pistols work? it would be for my wife also and she would not want do deal with constant jams
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how much is it.i would get a 22LR.you can get a new one pretty cheap.but for protection i would not go any smaller then a 380.
its $220, its not for protection, its for "neatness" and it would be for fun, mostley for my wife, so id want it NOT to jam
sounds over priced if it's used.. i can get pt22 or pt25 for < 200 nib.

i know prices differ from area to area but sounds over priced.. if you're gonna pay more then 200 then look at a ruger, browning, beretta, or s&w .22 target pistols.

i have a S&W 22a and it is both accurate and fun to shoot.
but im looking for a small package
well then get one.. i'll probably pick one up at some point.
if you're not thinking of a little backup gun or something it's not a good target gun the sights on it are crap.

im actually looking for a phoenix-arms hp22.. not a high quality brand but it's small, design is interesting, can get a 5 inch extended barrel for them.. and has better sights.

i dont have 1st hand exp with that gun though so dont take that as a suggestion to go buy one..

there are a lot of little mouse guns out there, the pt22/25 is what it is, if you like it then pick one up but shop around because unless prices are higher in your area you can probably find a nib for that..

it sounds like you just want it for it's size.. since you have'nt showed any desire for it as a carry or a target gun, then i guess the decisions already been made you should get one.
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i have many guns, so does the wife, the pt 25 just looks appealing, obviously not a carry gun or target gun, we have a HP 22 a few years ago, nickle with both barrels, fairly easy to swap em out, a bitch to strip down and lots of odd saftey features , it would fail to feed / extact or stove pipe every few rounds, i sold it awhile back
Had a PT22 and PT25. Never had a problem with either. Traded the 25 for the 22 because it was cheaper to shoot. Both were more reliable and more accurate than the Beretta I had.
I had a PT25 and it was worthless. When I say worthless, I mean that if I was armed with it and a guy with a pocket knife came at me, I would try to make a trade before the fight began. Like many small pistols, I think that it's a crap shoot on if you get a good one or not. Some people get a Kel Tec that works great, some get a piece of junk. Some get a Millennium that is flawless, like mine, others swear never to buy Taurus again. Good luck!
No problem with my 25, it is more expensive than I thought it would be to shoot.
heres my evening walking companion, i know i hear all the guff on 25cal ammo , but i like mine and it beats a pocket full of rocks ?
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Whats the average price on .25 ammo? I have only bought from my dealer and those are 20$ a box. One other place online was 15$ but 12$ shipping. Maybe its time to buy a reloader.
$220 is a dealbreaker, that simple. You can get that same gun at Budsgunshop for under $200 new and shipped. Or just pay $39 more and get the TCP. That can be used for defense or for fun, and the ammo is cheaper than .25! Sad truth is, no one can compete with online these days. I have never found a single gun shop that can come close to Bud's even after they're haggled down a bit. If you like the gun, buy it. But it doesn't have much going for it other than no real competition in that caliber.
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