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So many have complained about the Heinie "straight 8" sights. There are a number of options in the smithing section for replacing them, however I have stumbled across another alternative... not ideal, but worth considering.

on the Makarov sight... www.makarov.com... http://www.makarov.com/cart/vitemmak.htm

an interesting option for dealing with plain sights is offered...

Phospho-Sight Dot Kit - You asked for them and there Back! The cheap and easy way to get Glow in the Dark sights on your Makarov, or any pistol with small hard to see Military type sights. Kit contains 8-10 Sight Dots, 1/2x1" Strip, Glue, disposable Installation tool (ok its a Toothpick) and Directions. Glow in the Dark coating is bonded to a Stainless Steel foil for long life and durability. Contains enough for up to 12 rifles or pistols depending on application. Directions included. Note: this special Glow tape can also be used to mark Key locks, Light switches, magazine bottoms, or anything else you might need to find in the Dark. Sights glow Green for approx. 8 hrs after 1 min exposure to white light (the sun, a light bulb, etc.)

Side by side, Stock Military sights and Phospho-Sight Dot Kit on Stock Military sights.

The problem with the Heinie sights is that they are grooved to reduce glare. You would need to make sure the super glue settled into the bottom of the grooves. However at a cost of $8 for the 8-10 dots it should allow for some trial and error.
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