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Disassembled Judge now questions????

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I recently bought a used judge and while shooting today the cylinder fell out. Upon further inspection I noticed the spring and pin fell out as well so I will have to try and find parts. Since it was not in working order I decided to disassemble the gun and clean it. Before I did this the cylinder would no spin when in the closed position. Now that it is back together (minus the pin and spring to hold the yolk) it spins freely when closed. I have checked many times and can't seem to find anything missing to cause this. Could it have had a problem before and I accidently released the issure or is it supposed to stay in a fixed position. Thanks for the help in advance!
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Wow I feel stupid now. After looking at the gun for several days I realized there could possibly be another piece behind the yolk. Go figure I never even looked at that part of the exploded view. Feels good to know that it was not something I did, but the cylinder stop plunger fell out as well. Never knew the part was there because it was already gone when I took the gun apart. Wish someone would have told me this several days ago haha.
Cylinder stop plunger and spring probably fell out when the cylinder fell out for the first time. The plunger and spring pushes the cylinder stop up to catch the timing slots in the cylinder during firing. You are not stupid, you are now smarter than you were before this all happened.
Bill W.
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