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I just looked at the Taurus website and found that they don't show the prefixes
any more. The PT145 is now just the 145. The PT745 is just the 745.

I wonder is there any difference between the two? Or is this just a change for
some other reason?

Anyone know?


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The PT 745 is a Mil/pro subcompact. The first ones had a DAO trigger and the newer ones that have been out a while are single action/double action trigger pistols.

If one needs a secondary strike on a dud round then pulling the trigger a second time with a slightly harder DA trigger pull will restrike the dud round. This will hopefully be enough to set the errant round off.

Having seen reports on the gun forums and in many periodicals there is a division between the 'rack the slide and go to a new round riight way and the 'pull the trigger again' crowd.

Many have had the dud round go off at the second strike and others haven't. The reports all had good reasons as to why to do either approach.

Being a new member we assign homework. :rolleyes: ;D :eek: Just kidding. To a certain extent anyway. Here's links on the PT 745 or pertinent info about subcompacts.

While there is an incredible amount of stuff to go through there is a boat load if data that needs to be considered and can bring you up to speed on the PT 745.

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Thanks, Qwiks draw!

So, it seems the Taurus web site is not kept fully up to date on all subjects!
I was just curious why they dropped the prefixes.

Anyway, it looks like the 745 may be the gun I need. I really prefer the DA/SA
type of trigger. I have a couple of guns now that have that action and I have
gotten used to it.

Now, what I need to find is a gun range somewhere within 5 or 6 hours driving time
from El Paso, Texas that will rent me a 745 to try! I know there is no range in
El Paso that rents firearms to anyone outside the military.

I also have questions about the Taurus service. I have read more than a few
extremely negative posts about Taurus on other web sites.

But, then again, I read some really glowing reports about Walther PPK/S before
I acquired one. Not until after my PPK/S started giving me problems did I read
other posts about other people having the problems that I have.

In other words, you can't believe all you read! ;D

Talk to Y'all L8'er!

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OM44 said:
I also have questions about the Taurus service. I have read more than a few
extremely negative posts about Taurus on other web sites.
A lot of negative Taurus posts are true, but I've learned to look for the date of such posts. True owner complaints tend to be years old from before the campaign to get quality up. The majority of negative posts I've seen with current or near current dates are by people who've never owned one.

I don't know what marks the date of best manufacture. My own 24/7 Pro 45 was made in early 2007, but had an old recoil spring in it.

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