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Desantis knockoff of SmartCarry

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check it out:


i just got it and it looks and feels well-made but haven't had a chance to try it out w/my pt145 (still waiting for it to come back from taurus.)

anyone have any experience w/it?
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I have experience with DeSantis Holster and their products, but not the HotJox. It's similar to Thunderwear and Smartcarry but I wouldn't call anything made by Desantis a knock-off. They've been around along time and make a top quality product.
Ive some desantis stuff in the past and was fairly impressed with it. they make good quality stuff for sure.
Wow good price! Let us know how it works out, I'll be ordering mine for sure!
Thanks for the intel, Gents. Just ordered one myself.
I have thunderwear as an option, looks like a thunderwear knock off to me, just like it. Good way to carry a big gun with all day comfort in deep concealment, but don't try to draw while seated or driving. I ankle carry a back up if I feel compelled to use the thunderwear. It's hot down here and that makes thunderwear a good option sometimes, but I normally pocket a little Kel Tec P11.
mdma42 said:
anyone have any experience w/it?
I have it and bought it from the same place. Good company. I carried my PT145 in it a couple of times. I still prefer IWB. I found sitting to be less comfortable and access to the gun more inconvenient because it requires two hands for the fastest access.

That said, the product is well made and I do not regret the purchase. I may give it more use this summer with lighter clothes that do not lend themselves to wearing a thick belt.
yeah....i'm thinking an IWB is going to be my next purchase. i pretty much knew the desantis wasn't going to be my only option... just a usual option due to the consistent 100deg plus summer weather here in san antonio. (go spurs!)
Well, since the Rockets are worthless without Yow, go Spurs. :D

The thunderwear type rig is great so long as you're not spending most of your time seated or driving a car. That's the hang up to it as I see it, beyond slightly slower draw speed which you can reduce by practice. It's a pain, though, when ya gotta drop your pants to reholster your empty gun when practicing.
I ordered one, couldn't take it.
received mine last night. Seems well made, but I'm going to have to check it out with different pants and so on.

Definitely not gonna work with my kilt. :)
wore it last night to work- sans weapon- to get used to the feel of it. wore it a bit higher than the initial try-on, seemed to work well.

May wear it again tonight, this time with a couple magazines (empty). Am considering buying a Bluegun of my carry weapon to test fit as well.
I should have mine tomorrow or the next day. Can't wait to try it out.
when it comes to holsters i like to ask to see them BUT this is one time i will pass!!! :D :D :D
Just ran across this one a few minutes ago. www.kangarooind.com Looks like a winner to me. Bud
Looks like a "BRO". A man bra!!
agreed. not to metion, it'd require about 2 minutes of forward notice to get to the weapon.
tested the knockoff Smart Carry today with the PT145 and the P11 around the house.

The 145 is doable, but if the pants are at all tight it's more apt to print.

for shorts, that's not a problem. Jeans, more so.

the P11 fits like it was made for it. However, I don't like the idea of a weapon without a safety so close to "the boys". So if I carry that pistol in that manner, it'll be a matter of going with an Israeli Draw.

To be clear, though- the product is growing on me. I may well buy another and send to my brother in VA who's been wanting to try out a SmartCarry but doesn't want to spring the $50 on what seems an iffy carry location at best.
Could this holster be worn more to the hip side and maybe close to waistband height? Kind of like a cut down belly band.
Just a thought
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