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Score another one for dash cams. One device to defend yourself in a parking lot, another to defend yourself legally?

It's hard to figure out from the reporting whether the dash cam was owned by the defender or the alleged attacker, since some news organizations call criminals "victims" sometimes. If it's a legit case of self defense the shooter is the "victim", not the attacker. (unless the attacker is a "victim" of his own stupidity)

The Butts County Sheriff’s Office will not pursue charges against a truck driver who shot another trucker Thursday.

Sheriff Gary Long said the investigation of the shooting showed it was a case of self-defense on the part of the shooter.

Both truckers, who have not been named, were parked near the fuel island of the Love’s Travel Stop off Interstate 75 at Ga. Highway 36 around 1 p.m. Thursday.

Long said investigators learned the driver who was shot had confronted the driver of the truck ahead of him at the pump, and a verbal altercation ensued.

During the altercation, the driver of the rear truck returned to his rig and produced a gun, Long said. At that point, the driver of the truck at the pump opened fire into the man’s cab, striking him as many as three times.

Long said investigators reviewed a number of pieces of evidence before concluding the shooter acted in self-defense.

“Based on witness statements, the victim and the shooter, and video and audio of the incident, it clearly shows self-defense,” Long said. Audio and video of the incident came from the shooting victim’s truck.
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