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Darned if I didn't - Savage 93r17BTVS

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I went my my gun shop... DANGEROUS thing to do. A few days ago, they had one of the Savage .17 HMR rifles in stock in the blued barrel with the thumb hole stock... pretty rifle. When I went in I told them I wanted to see the rifle, and they told me they sold it the day after it had came in, but they did have the 93r17BTVS stainless steel model that had come in this morning about 10:30 am.

This is the .17 HMR model with the accutrigger, free floating barrel, ventilated stock, and drips sugar when you tough it. I debated on what to do... I've got a birthday in... about 4 months. We dickered, and they talked, and we dickered and I started to leave... and darn if the rifle didn't leave with me.

I've never shot a .17 before. Heard good reports. Ammo is a little pricey, but specs are impressive. I've got to get rings and a scope before I can shoot it, but the biggest thing is, I've got to tell Momma that this poor little homeless thing followed me home, and in gracious Christian care, I believe we should adopt it. Reckon she'll believe that?
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Well here is my first experience. I mounted a 3x9 40mm scope on the gun just to get it out. I am thinking eventually of getting one of the BSA 6x18 44mm Sweet .17 scopes with the dial up vertical range. But set up box at about 50 feet to sight the gun in.

The first three shots didn't print on the box (bad news) but when I walked down, I noticed that one of the rounds had grazed the right side of the box... and the target was on the right... so off, but not terrible. Went back and started walking the gun over with horizontal adjustment. Got two moving in the right direction and then lost the last.

I reloaded the 5 shoot clip and decided that since I was shooting off a pretty loose TV tray table, a flyer was to be expected. I shot two more and still no printing. My blood pressure was coming up and tried one last time for the three shot group and realized I has a print almost in the black.

I shook my head and walked down to the box and here is what I found...

I can't brag either about the distance or the shooter, I'm not that good a precision shooter with a rifle, but when you realize that the three shoots in the black could be covered by a dime... I was impressed. I've got to get this gun to a range where I can try it against known distances, but I'm pretty darned encouraged!

PS... well I decided to tell the truth... I was involved in an accident. I offered the guy a figure and it was a sheer accident that he took it up.
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