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cylinder/crane components????

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For those of you that have Taurus revolvers of differing frame designations I have this ??? My Trackers, 41 & 44, get really nasty cuz I shoot nothin' but my hand cast bullets. Same for my 441 in 44 Special. In looking at the assembly breakdown pics in the little owners manual that comes with a new gun it seems that all components are the same as far as extractor rod, springs, pins etc. Are they the same? No part numbers are given and the same reference numbers are used for all frame designations.
Now, calling all experience to the fore........are the internals of the cylinder, excepting the extractor star of course; the same in the compact and medium frame guns. Specifically.....Models 441 and 425?
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No,larger frame beefier components.................
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This was one issue that Taurus in the past was working on resolving. Not sure if they did or not. For the most part they are not the same parts. As LV said larger frame beefier components.
I just had a 41 Tracker apart, that is what brought the question to mind. The individual components of the extractor, cylinder, crane looked really, really puny to me. I have a Medium frame 441 and several small frame guns, 85, 731, 605, but I've never had occasion to take any of them apart. Just asking.....Thanks
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guesser no harm in asking it is why these forums are here educate, assist and try lend ideas, I learned from your asking it seems Large Frame/Medium Frame/Small Frame all though the parts do not cross over some cross model to model in the same frame size.
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