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Cyclops versus Zombie!!

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Haven't had this old girl out in a while!

Last time I took this shooting, it had a base,rings and scope installed. Finally decided I just didn't enjoy shooting it that way. Took everything off and went open sight off-hand. I know... I know, I shot the girl. That was intentional as I didn't know if the open sights were sighted in at all. I could see where I was hitting better on her skin. Turns out they were pretty much dead on.
The Cyclops is good Zombie medicine and, for me, much more fun to shoot this way. Now...if you absolutely, positively have to take down the living dead - 590A1 with slugs ;)

One wadding almost took out the girls pinkie!!
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I remember seeing a Cyclops in a mag when I was younger> I've wanted one ever since, kinda hard to find now though. Very nice!
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