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Cross Draw

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Does anybody out there carry crossdraw? Due to big gut it is easier to conceal, but boy is hard to get used to. Just was wondering who else has experience. Thanks :D
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I used to carry in a left handed shoulder rig when riding my motorcycle. What I lost in speed, I made up for in surprise. Not many people expect you to draw left handed when you are right handed. Handy on the bike with the trottle on the right hand, too. During the same time period, I used a right hand cross draw with a single action revolver and practiced cowboy shooting some. I was not that much slower than most of my friends that used the strong side draw. Either way my off hand is used to hold my jacket out of the way, if needed. If not my off hand comes just over the horizonal level of the gun and turns into a two handed grip just comming on target. Now days, I just pocket carry most of the time, but do occassionaly use the inside pocket of my down vest, so that is a sort of modified shoulder carry, but a little easier to get to.
1 - 1 of 10 Posts
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