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Cracked barrel bushing PT1911

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I found something else to break on my PT1911, my barrel bushing. :(
After reading a message here on this board, I ordered a EGW prefit, angled bushing from EGW. (Brownel's was OUT, and I didn't find it on Midway).
I hope it shows up before the match next Sat. :eek:

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I put the EGW beveled, angled, prefit bushing in my PT1911 yesterday and took it to the range. The bushing fit the slide alot tighter and the groups all tightened up. ;D
The gun's ready for the match today, I hope I am. :)

I'm back from the match, the pistol was flawless, I wasn't :(
Oh well, better luck next time. ;D
1 - 3 of 5 Posts
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