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I have a friend that is a Corrections Officer..he is going thru training to carry on the job...
The reason for this post is because he will ask me to help him choose a handgun.. :rolleyes:
He grew up shooting like all of have, but mostley rifles.
I don't have the knowlege to help him too much because of what they will allow him to carry :???:
He has a budget of about $ 400.00
His dept will issue him a Glock if he does not want buy another type
He has shot a Glock and did not like it much. I think he is more comfortable with revolvers
All you guys that are LEO..your input is definitly needed. You guys are in a different enviroment than us civilians..

His choices are:

1)Any 1911 series or variants
Not sure what they mean about variants?
This is a tough one because there are so many different types and brands..
The good thing about 1911 is i know they tend to fit everybodys hands, but can be really finicky on ammo sometimes.(I had a Colt Commander and it only liked a few different types of ammo.)
I think he would be happy with a 1911 because they are very easy too shoot

Glock 21,22,23,30 and a Model 36
They added the model 36 to the list,but don't know why.
I have know idea about Glocks, don't even know what caliber these are..
What I do know is that they are hard to fit in my hand..his hands are a little bigger but not much...
Also I have read that you can have feeding problems if you don't hold them just right, so for a beginner these might not be the best..Dunno

Springfield XD (.40 or .45 caliber)
Again, I don't know much about these also.
I do like there 1911s though( i had one also)

Guess i just need a little info before i go with him..
I think it helps to like what you are shooting, so Dept issue would not be a good thing for him if he does not like the way Glocks feel and shoot
I think I have a place in another town that rents guns so we can go shoot them..
I hope so..

Also..what should i look for in 1911s as far as defects and such..
There are so many different brands,some cost more , some cost less.

I don't think Glocks have too many issues. They pretty much shoot right out of the box.
The Springfield XD has some pretty good reports also...
I know all guns can have issues and little things wrong with them.

Thanks to this forum and others, i have learned alot, but not enough yet to help someone go buy a gun and feel 100% comfortable.

Bottom line is, I want to make sure he does not get something that he does not like.
So if you were going to help a friend that is counting on you and your knowledge, what kind of advice would you give him if you were in my shoes with what i just gave as info.
This is my reason for this post.

lol..this is the most serious post i have every done :D

Thanks guys for your input..:)

P.S this might also be his off duty weapon also, and used if he gets a CW Permit.

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My choice in your listing would be the .45 Springfield XD!

If he has a choice of .45's outside of the list, also consider:
(Listed in order of my personal preference)

1.) H&K USP
2.) Taurus 24/7
3.) Taurus PT1911
4.) EAA Witness
5.) ParaOrdnance P14

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I have good friends & family member who are LEO and they all go for the Glock but if it did not fit him I would definitely have him look at the XD. The Glock 22 (40s&w) will fit his hand much better than the G21 (45acp). The problem he might run into in this scenarios is his budget; like jwc007 said, the EAA Witness may be a good choice for him as I absolutely enjoy my full size 10mm Witness.

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Checking out the Springfield website right now..good reveiws on the XD.
It is definitly a + 1 for me..I like it already.
The price might be a little much though..
his budget is pretty limited...
I love their 1911s. the price is a little better
For me, i would say anything by Springfield is really nice

thanks..jwc007 ;)

What do you guys think about buying a used gun..

lol..mrglock... :D

while i was posting you replied..
Checked out the EAA website..
the price is a little better..are those a 1911 variant?

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The EAA witnesses are a cz 75 copy, a very user friendly pistol. But of the choices you stated, he can't go wrong with any of them and he should go with what fits his hands best. Also if the department he works for has a list of approved firearms he has to choose from he probably won't be allowed to buy used unless it's factory reconditioned.

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Maybe he should learn to love the GLOCK. In my experience they are the most reliable handgun (pistol or revolver). I value reliability over everything else (and that's important for a Corrections Officer too) - so I have 5 GLOCKs. If it's good enough for the US Marshals and the FBI's new recruits, and hundreds of state and local PD's in America, it's good enough for me!

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Based on the list I'd suggest getting a Glock to start with. He may not like it but that way he will have the same basic gun he's issued. Learning to work it well will be an asset at work. As far as caliber, he should get the same caliber that is issued. IF he can purchase it through his agency he can probably get one new on his budget. Otherwise he's looking used.

Beyond that its back to shooting them and see what feels right.


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8times.357 said:
Maybe he should learn to love the GLOCK.
Glocks suck! :eek: J/K of course; I have more than my share of Glocks as well 8times!

I like the idea of your friend getting issued a Glock and then picking up his own gun in the same caliber like Steelheart suggested. For instance, get the EAA (~$350.00 new) or a SA XD (mid $400's on Gunbroker new or even a nice used one in the upper $300's) or maybe a CZ 75 in 40s&w (mid $400's). I will tell you another gun I really like and that is the Beretta PX4 Storm in 40s&w (also mid $400's on GB new). All of these guns are good choices IMO depending on what his department will allow. I like 1911's too, finding them in that price range can be tough unless you go used but the Taurus 1911, new & blued version, can be had for around $500.00.

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I also agree with letting the Dept. issue him a Glock and then getting whatever he wants. Would he have a choice in which Glock it would be? Believe it or not, there is a difference in the way they feel. Example---the G21 is a .45ACP with a rather large frame which most shooters are not comfortable with. To remedy this, Glock produced the G21 SF (short frame, not slim frame as some think). I really like it a lot and if this was an option the 21 SF would be my choice.

Or if he's gonna carry concealed outside of work let them issue the G36. It's the smallest piece that Glock offers. (Which is why my mind is boggled that a Dept. would even issue it as a duty sidearm)

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These fall into his "Get It Into Your Hands" price range...
Well if he's going to carry off duty... I say that .40 S&W is a Mean +P BUGGER...!!!...<:)) If he has to Target Qualify maybe that 5" 1911 would be a better choice...

45 ACP Rock Island 1911 45ACP

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mrglock - I wholeheartedly agree!

I am going to stop harping on the GLOCKs after this;

Assuming your friend is in AZ and is eligible, he can get a GLOCK LE/Military discount at one of these dealers:


6100 Wilkinson Dr. Prescott, AZ 86301

Scottsdale Gun Club
14860 N. North Sight Blvd. Scottsdale, AZ 85260

Sprague Sports Inc.
345 W. 32nd Street Yuma, AZ 85364

Diamondback Police Supply Co. Inc
170 South Kolb Rd Tuscon, AZ 85710

The entire list is here:
http://www.gssfonline.com/2007 GSSF_PISTOL_PURCH_LIST.pdf

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thanks guys..been kinda of reading and waiting for some posts..
this is why i feel very blessed to be on this forum..
we have alot of fun on here, but when a serious post comes on you all come through..

I gave him the link to this to let him see the posts also.
I am proud that i can direct a friend here and he gets good honest answers..I can't reply to all these so this will be one reply for all who have posted(i like to reply to every one individully when i can so they know i read what they said)

The replies so far have really cleared some things up for me..
going with the issue handgun and them spending his money on a secondary hand gun did not even occur to me..

Question: has anybody shot a Glock and did not like it but after awile got used to it..

that was my problem, it felt like a 2X4 with a grip..lol :)

Did not realize that 1911s were so much money now..

I am not sure of which Glock they issue, probally only one..
will try to find out...
these other handguns i posted is if they don't want a Dept issue, then these are all they will allow..

Thanks again and hope to read a few more on here

Merry Christmas too all

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He should check out the XD ( :eek: can't believe I said that!).

Seriously, the XD has a different grip that is preferred by many, and a very strong following. Spare parts are nearly impossible to come by though, and there aren't XD armorers all over the place like with GLOCK, so if he has a problem he will probably have to send it in.

GLOCKs ain't for everybody (cringe). But as mentioned earlier there are many models. Good chance your 2X4 was one of the .45s, the .40 grips are the same size as the 9s.

1911's are hit-or-miss at the lower price ranges (uh-oh).

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Thanks guys for all the replies....
the Rock Island 1911 is nice ..SGT ;)
Thanks for the link,it was a good read..

My buddy came over for Christmas and i showed him these replies, he was really happy.
when we were leaving, he said that these helped him alot....
I think he is going to try the Glock that is issued and then buy a second one, maybe the compact Glock or the XD..
One of my friends is going to let us take the Glock he owns out so we can shoot it.
Hopefully this weekend

Thanks again...

BTW..i posted this on another forum and the replies on here were much better and helpful :thumb:

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I carried the XD .45 for my first year of duty. My problem was this, I could not shoot it consistantly. My first qual was 27/33, second was 29/33, third was 21/33, 24/33, and 31/33(it took me 3 times to qualify that time, my dept req min of 25/33, must have been all the caffeine that morning:) My last qualification was a 30/33. I was spending alot of time with range staff because I was so concerned w/ my shooting inconsistantly. Plus, I was going to the range on my own about every other week. Couldn't seem to shake my flaky trigger pull(i'm sure that's what it was). So, I opted to buy a 1911 because I'd shot other guy's 1911's and couldn't get over how well I could shoot with them. I purchased my first 1911 a PT-1911 AR and shot a 33/33 right out of the box. 1911 triggers seem to compensate for whatever problem troubles your own trigger pull. I would recommend some kind of 1911, the PT1911 cost me around $580 with a third mag. The 1911 is the most widely carried duty gun in my department. There's 2-3 that carry the XD that I know. The rest carry glocks of some sort. All steel just feels so much better in your hand than all polymer some steel.
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